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you are my sunshine

Seriously, has it been years since we've seen the sun?

Don't you tell me I'm being over-dramatic... trust me, I already know.

Really though... I never notice how much that shiny ball of fire effects my mood until it's gone for days that feel like decades. Night never seems to end on a day the sun doesn't seem to rise. Boys itch for activity, and I my bed. Sessions have been cancelled, plans have been changed and days rearranged. Blessedly, giving me an unexpected weekend off shooting in this crazy season. Time to catch up on editing.

No explanation needed as to why this bright and sparkly session has been so welcome on my screen as of late... I mean, come on! That light is like a dream! Time to recreate with a few precious clients who have had to postpone... can I order that up, mr. sun? ;)

While we wait... enjoy reminiscing the days of light with these photos of this sweet fam.

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